Jim Clark

Age: 30
Nationality: USA
Height: 185cm
Weight: 83 kg
Character profile

Jim joined the Guardians when 18 and has been in the organization since, making him a veteran in the field of facing the unseen. He’s a very ironic person, and it is not unusual for him to make jokes or resort to dry humor even in situations which would not warrrant doing so. He was the mentor of Satsuki when she joined the organization, and they often end up being partners in the field.

Jim is not particularly well versed in not so natural means that many of the members use, but he compensates this with excellent marksmanship, that earned him the nickname Sureshot. However, if possible, he prefers the use of wit rather than brawl to get out of a situation, often resorting to unconventional solutions (“No one said you couldn’t cheat”, as he says).