Release: Chapter 3, 'A dark light'

It took quite a while (see below), but today we’re finally releasing the third chapter of Lost Innocence, “A dark light”. This comes approximately one year and a half after the release of Chapter 2.

Two weeks have passed since the fateful encounter between Yumiko and the jorogumo. She has survived the ordeal, yet there is no rest for her: hallucinations and strange dreams haunt her mind… While she is trying to cope with the situation, she is approached by a classmate of her, Kokonoe, who is strangely interested in her. What does she know about Yumiko?

Elsewhere, Jim and Satsuki, aided by former inspector Kazuo Shibata, try to investigate the real cause of the incident with the jorogumo. Could it have been foul play, or yet another elaborate plot by the Darkness?

These (and other) answers await in the chapter!

Why did it take so long? The main reason is that basically whatever is in this chapter was done from scratch. New characters were added, and several attempts were tried to make them blend in the plot. A few sections were rewritten more than once to reach acceptable levels from our standards. On top of that, we completely changed the way the book is published on the site, and that slowed down things even more. In addition, this chapter is considerably longer than the previous incarnation: in fact, the three chapters combined now are almost as long as two thirds of the original work!

Nevertheless, it’s out now. There are “only” two more chapters to go before completing it. Given what happened so far, it will be hard to make any predictions. We still hope that it will take less than the time it took for Chapter 3 to get released!

On the artwork front, in addition to the usual illustrations, pin-ups have appeared. The plan is to have one for each chapter. For now there’s one for Chapter 3:

More will be added with time. For now, enjoy both the story and the images… until next time (hopefully not too far in the future)!