Release: Chapter 2, 'The other side of the unknown'

Five months after the the launch of the project we have finally released the second chapter of Lost Innocence, “The other side of the unknown”.

From the chaos in Kyoto, Yumiko and her friends will come in contact with a truth that trascends the limits of her own reality. Aside our main character and her struggles we get a glimpse on the scope of what is happening, but what is shown may not be what it truly is… But we’ll leave the speculation to the readers.

Compared to the original work, this chapter has so many differences that there’s no point in trying to make a list: it’s best to consider this as a complete different work. We’re already over 100 pages, and we’re not even halfway yet (we have three more chapters planned, plus an epilogue). We hope you’ll enjoy what we have written!

The folks at Collateral Damage Studios have backed us up with even more excellent artwork (seriously, these guys are really good!), including some of our most favorite so far. Seriously, go and look at the artwork!

Even with this chapter out, there’s no time to rest: we’ll resume some of the series of posts we have made so far, which were put on hiatus to focus on writing. Therefore, look forward to more insights on the characters, their background, and the myths and folklore that appear in the story.

With that all said and done, enjoy the read… and let us know what you think.