Writing, cover and artwork updates

Roughly another month has passed, so it’s about time to update everyone on what’s going on so far.

Chapter 2 is about 80% done more or less: we’re getting in the last stretch (although even small scenes can become gargantuan tasks), with about 4 or 5 more scenes left (by “scene” we mean a single group of events that occur at a particular point in the story). Once those are done, we’ll go through review and proofreading, which are very down-to-earth tasks (sometimes even dull) but required to ensure that at least glaring mistakes aren’t pushed out when the chapter is live.

Like the previous update, there are a few quotes to get the feel of things to come:

With a sound of putrid wood breaking up, a bulge appeared on its top. It resembled a completely disproportionate human skull, with a unnaturally small mouth and very large eye sockets that stared emptily at Yumiko.

And that was when her blood ran cold: it was nothing more than a scene of horror. It was in fact a wheel, as she had glimpsed earlier, large enough to fit on a cart. Crimson flames engulfed putrid and splintered wood somehow without causing any damage. Yet that was absolutely nothing compared to what was in its center. A severed head, shaven in the way used by Buddhist priests, stood where the hole for an axis should have been.

What stood there was no longer a common pet, but rather a creature born out of the deepest recesses of human nightmares. As blue flames sparked around its limbs, it licked its lips in anticipation of its next meal.

Of course, the chapter is not all about writing, but also about artwork. In our plans, each chapter is slated to have four illustrations. For this specific chapter, we have one finished work (shown in part in the last update) and one more in the queue. And that’s what we want to share today, an in-progress drawing made as usual by the great people at Collateral Damage Studios:

The folks at CDS haven’t been just doing that. Desti made a slight adjustment to the cover, which you can see here:

Don’t you think that Jim looks way cooler now? With this, the artwork itself for the cover is done. The next step is getting the design done, which will fall into the capable hands of Melissa Adkins, a graphic designer that also handled some previous work in this project and helped out with the overall design of this web page.

With that said, we hope to push out Chapter 2 soon, and make sure you’ll enjoy it. Till next time!