Of covers and status updates

A month has passed since the initial announcement of the project, therefore a status update is in order, to sum up what has been happening this month.

First of all, the current state of the story. Chapter 2 is about halfway done and is progressing at good speed: I’m trying to write every day, and that gives plenty time to develop and adjust the various scenes. With regards to artwork, we have one illustration done and three more to go. Work on these has paused, but you’ll see why at the end of this post. Unfortunately it will take a bit more time before making it available.

As a sneak peek, here are a few selected pieces from Chapter 2:

“By my Lord’s command, you are not allowed to live, Yumiko Hasegawa. Remember that.”

He didn’t finish his sentence and his expression became grave as he scanned the surroundings left and right. “Satsuki, visitors incoming.”

That eerie silence was broken by the sound of flapping wings as three of the creatures landed before them. Now visible under the light, their appearance could not be farther from a human being, or even an animal. Their heads resembled the one of a bird of prey, with a pointed beak towered by two small eyes. Hawk-like claws for hands and feet opened and closed rythmically. They were dressed in clothes resembling the ones of samurai from the Sengoku period, and they all carried a katana strapped to their waist.

“I see.” Satsuki put a finger on her lips as she sorted out her thoughts. “I guess that existence you had a Contact with has gone berserk. Like a child, it has no idea of its limits and does things at a whim. While in this specific case it saved your life, I’m afraid it might get worse if left unattended. We have to get it under control somehow.”

It was time to start the ritual. And when the borders between worlds would thin out… She laughed out loud.

Along with the text, a part of the new art that’s going to accompany it:

The reason why art for the book has not been progressing much is that the folks at CDS were busy making a cover for the book (which you can already view in the PDF and E-book versions), done by artist extraordinarie Desti. You can view the initial sketch and the complete piece below (they also have been added to the gallery. Aren’t they great?

There is still more work to be done, such as adding a title and a logo. This will get done in the next weeks.

That’s all for now. See you with at the next update!