The Genesis of the Guardians characters: Satsuki Ford

Welcome back to the weekly column in which we analyze and explain the idea behind the main characters of The Guardians of the Dawn. This week our focus will be on another of the main key characters: Satsuki Ford.

Satsuki was created almost at the same time as Yumiko, though at the beginning her purpose was supposed to offer “another view” of the events of the story. She was imagined as a journalist with a knack for dabbling into the occult (the whole organization didn’t even exsist back then in our minds) who witnessed Yumiko’s whole ordeal without actually doing that much, similar to certain characters in H.P. Lovecraft’s stories. Her personality was described as extremely cold and professional, though she was supposed to open a little by the end of the story.

Even in the early stages of development the character started changing a bit, by adding a certain combat prowess. Even at this point her appearance wasn’t really fixed, the closest being similar to a certain character from Shotaro Harada’s D4 Princess (anime version) - Doria Rurido. During this period her last name was decided to be “Ford”. There was no real reason it was chosen - just because it seemed to fit the character.

The character underwent a complete overhaul only when, several years later, a Dutch artist created the first illustration of her, which you can see below, without any actual information on her personality.

In general it’s the story that dictates how the character should look and behave, and not an image done on a whim: but in this case this particular illustration had a deep impact on the conception of the character, to the point her personality and modus operandi changed completely, closely resembling what she is today.

Dia’s design (see below in the early and the then finished version) only set some things in stone to offer some consistency, but aside that, the Satsuki as you see today is the same as the one modified after we saw the design back in the days. Kind of bizarre how a single drawing done by someone who didn’t really know about the character changed her entire behaviour, don’t you think?

Well, that’s all for this week. Next time, we’ll look at two characters who actually didn’t really change until the reboot was well underway (and how did they change!) - Sayuki and Michiru. See you next time!

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