Every journey begins with the first step

After countless hours spent writing, drawing, drafting and planning, finally The Guardians of the Dawn is now live!

Started from an almost random idea in 1996, mixing horror elements with a certain kind of Japanese-inspired flavor. The project during all these years underwent several changes and a complete version was released around a decade ago. However, we still had the feeling that something wasn’t right. After a complete evaluation of what went right and what went wrong, we’re now presenting what can be considered the “true” version of the story initially envisioned twenty years ago.

But what is The Guardians of the Dawn exactly? It is a series of illustrated novels inspired by the works of authors such as H.P. Lovecraft and R.E. Howard, as well as a series of archetypes and themes lifted from Japanese products such as manga, anime, light novels as well as more outlandish output such as tokusatsu shows. It’s not meant to be a direct copy (as the FAQ section eloquently explains), but rather something we created simply because there was nothing similar around. The series deals with the operation of a secret organization created to defend against cosmic entities known as “Ancients”, for whom our world is simply a small piece in a bigger game, and certain characters that interact with them.

Today we took the first step of this journey, as the first chapter of Lost Innocence is now live.

Lost Innocence was initially born out of a casual comment about mixing “werevolves with zombies”. While the initial draft did include both of these elements, over the course of the years the concept changed quite dramatically, retaining only a few of the original ideas. During the brainstorming period we also managed to get more acquainted with Japanese culture, so one of the first step during the reboot phase was to correct a bit of incorrect information present in the story. Another important element was reducing the area of action of the characters to a more manageable level.

This isn’t only about writing. Since a long time ago, we wanted to couple words with artwork, to emphasize and outline better key scenes in the story. For this reason, we are relying on the prolific Collateral Damage Studios to provide art. They have done a truly excellent job in capturing the characters and the scenes as we had imagined them. Please enjoy the art as much as the story itself. In addition to CDS, Dia did the original designs for many of the characters, and additional designs were done by Nesalienna and Fredrick Runtu. You can get a glimpse of their work in the Gallery.

As we said earlier, this is just the first step. In addition to regular updates about the story as it gets written, there will be posts about future developments, the setting and the characters.

We hope you will enjoy Lost Innocence as much as we are while creating it. Have fun!