The Guardians of the Dawn is a series of novels that combine a certain kind of horror with certain themes, mostly derived from the works of H.P. Lovecraft and R.E. Howard, and characters inspired by those found in Japanese media such as manga and anime.

The project had a long gestation process (dating back 1996) and underwent two reboots, the latter being the one you’re reading about now. While the core characters and certain plot points remain the same, the setting and the flow of the story are completely different.

The idea behind this project isn’t anything grandiose like trying to reinvent the wheel or bringing new ideas to the audience: to put it simply (see the FAQ section for a longer explanation) we didn’t find anything similar among the products available to the public and so we decided to write the story we wanted to see on our own. At the same time we thought it would be nice to complement the story with illustrations done in a matching style, following the example of the light novel industry.


Set in the near future, the stories tell the tales of people coming in contact with obscure powers that loom at the borders of reality. From these borders come beings which are neither gods nor demons, the Ancients. They are very powerful but moody and petty, and often ravage wars of cosmic proportions out of boredom or rivalry: they cannot be defined as being ‘good’ or ‘evil’, as they follow agendas that do not follow regular logic. It is very common for human beings to get either involved, or even being used as pawns in these childish schemes, often with very tragic consequences.

To help those who have no power and to prevent them from interfering into mankind’s daily lives, a brotherhood called The Guardians of the Dawn was founded in ancient times, with the goal of keeping these dark powers away from our world. The members of the Guardians do not swear to fight a war or to destroy evil: their natural and not so natural abilities are used to protect and defend, rather than attack.

This oath has been carried out throughout centuries until the present day: the old brotherhood has now become a submarine organization spread over the continents, but the goal has remained the same.

Books, artwork, and availability

The narration is divided into three distinct books, and key moments are also represented as artwork, courtesy of Collateral Damage Studios. At this point in time the first book is being written. The books and the artwork are freely available under a Free Culture license (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike): it’s not our intention to have people pay for it, mostly because it’s something that is being written during our spare time.

Regular updates about the progress of the book are published in the blog.

While the stories are not rated, they are not recommended for a public less than 15 years old due the presence of violence and suggestive themes.